part 1: Ceph Planning Summary and Architectural Overview

Ceph is an open source, distributed, scaled-out, software-defined storage system. through the use of the Controlled Replication Under Scalable Hashing (CRUSH) algorithm, Ceph eliminates the need for centralized metadata and can distribute the load across all nodes in the cluster.

Ceph provides three main types of storage: block storage via the RADOS Block Device (RBD), file storage via CephFS, and object storage via RADOS Gateway, which provides S3 and swift-compatible storage.

How Ceph works

The core storage layer in Ceph is the Reliable Autonomous Distributed Object Store (RADOS). …

Investigation of security integration part 1

1- Introduction

As software development improves in the agile model, people have developed methods that focus on greater collaboration with customer needs, ongoing delivery, ongoing feedback, and communication between developers and users. This has led many to become proponents of evolving agile thinking.

However, to improve the performance of IT services and give organizations a competitive advantage, we need more than simple and agile methods. The DevOps movement stems from the need to improve the agility of IT services, and by emphasizing people and their culture, seeks to improve the collaboration between development and operations teams…

Parham Zardoshti

DevOps Engineer

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